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Experiences Glossary

Our trips have been carefully designed and feature fantastic experiences:

Check your tour brochure to see which highlights are featured on your trip.

Culture & Heritage
Experience the places, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.
Discover and explore authentic food and beverage products. Learn about local culinary cultures and customs; hear stories and history of extraordinary cuisine.
Eco & Responsible
Visit eco aware places in the world promoting responsible tourism. Support local communities, as they protect natural treasures. Only leave your footprints behind.

Visit known and unknown places and enjoy hands-on learning opportunities. Discover exceptional treasures on visits, guided by curators, archaeologists, naturalists or historians.
Landscapes & Wildlife
Combine a natural environment with cultural immersion and physical activities in an extraordinary setting. Engage with nature, wildlife, take in breathtaking landscapes and dive into adventure.
Leisure & Free time
Find relaxation and recreation outside your everyday environment. Enjoy some ‘me time.’

Outdoor & Adventure
Active individuals and those looking for an adrenaline rush will find adventure in amazing natural settings.
Wellness & Self-Care
Disconnect and detox from social media and devices by socializing through travel and reconnecting with people. Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing; take a hike, introspect and pamper all your senses.
Time Travel

Sorry, no time travel.