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Essential Europe Grad Card Schedule 2021 Tour Season

Grad cards are emailed to travelers who have booked with a deposit or who have paid in full. Following are the scheduled drop dates for the grad card series:
ecard # Drop Date Message Status
1 September 15, 2020 Welcome to your adventure scheduled
2 October 6, 2020 Welcome to London scheduled
3 November 18, 2020 Welcome to Paris scheduled
4 December 29, 2020 Welcome to Amsterdam scheduled
5 January 26, 2021 Welcome to Germany & Austria scheduled
6 February 26, 2021 Welcome to Rome scheduled
7 March 31, 2021 Welcome to Greece scheduled
8 April 28, 2021 Packing, Planning &pre-departure meetings scheduled

As we start to receive bookings for the 2021 grad trips this summer, we want to stay in touch with travelers between now and tour departure. Our ecards are intended to inform and create excitement about the upcoming trip.

Our ecards are generic and the same information goes out to all grad trip travelers, regardless of affiliation. If you are interested in AESU creating a custom grad card for you, please contact the AESU marketing coordinator, Ms. Kaila Ingram by email: mailto:[email protected].