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Iceland Airwaves Tour 2020 - Special refund conditions

Book your trip with confidence!

Book your trip today with a $500 deposit or full payment (full payment is due by Thursday, August 6, 2020)

  • cancel between today and September 7, 2020:
    • receive a full refund on your land package
  • cancel between September 8, 2020 and day of departure:
    • if the trip is canceled for any reason beyond AESU’s control¬†receive a full refund on your land package: $300 will be refunded in form of a travel voucher, the balance will be refunded to your original form of payment
    • if you cancel for any reason, the payment for the land package price becomes non-refundable, you will receive a travel voucher of $300 for future travel

Please note: Airfare penalties are subject to airline policies. Applicable fees and any minimal processing fees are not refundable.  Travel vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and have to be used by 12/31/2022.

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