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Traveling on this trip will introduce you to some native cuisine, including local specialties, without becoming too extreme. Travelers will receive all breakfasts and all other three-course meals as stated in respective itineraries. Meals will be served in local quality restaurants or the hotels in which we stay. Also included are many “special dinners” such as the French bistro dinner, Roman banquet, Greek barbeque dinner and fish & chips dinner when traveling through Europe. In Dubai, sample a variety of sumptuous international dishes and enjoy typical ‘casado’ in Costa Rica. Some group meals are omitted to allow you time to sample other regional dishes and your tour director or local city guide can recommend several options.

Drinks with meals:

All of our meals include one beverage per person. Depending on the meal type, restaurant or location, this might be tap water, bottled water, soda, beer or wine. If you need additional beverages, you may purchase them directly from your respective waiter.

Continental Breakfast

The term “continental breakfast” refers to the continent of Europe and distinguishes this breakfast from a typical American breakfast. Light breakfasts such as those are often enjoyed by people in Europe and served at most hotels. It traditionally includes bread products, fruit juice and hot beverages, such as coffee or tea. Some hotels may include cereal, fruit, meat and eggs. The meal typically is presented in a buffet, from which you can help yourself.

Note: If you have traveled to Europe before, you probably noticed that many restaurants have a no-water policy: they do not serve free cold water or even tap water to diners.  Beverages, including water are not free of charge.

Bon Appetit!