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Multi-Generational Adventures – How to Prepare to Travel with Your Family

Multi-Generational Adventures – How to Prepare to Travel with Your Family

You might be wondering: what the best way is to plan a multi-generational adventure with your family?

Family vacations have made a strong comeback, as several sources revealed that multigenerational trips, both internationally and domestically, are taking off as the pandemic drives pent-up demand. Multiple borders opening back up have families planning and booking holidays. The demand for family holidays has primarily been driven by older generations who are eager to spend more time with their kids and grandkids following the lockdowns of the pandemic. You might be wondering: what the best way is to plan a multi-generational adventure with your family? Read on to learn how!

Begin the Process in Advance

Nothing is more challenging than getting parts of the family involved in the planning process. Matching up with school holidays, work schedules, and other notable dates can quickly become a chaotic experience for a family. We recommend planning trips at least six to twelve months in advance by having enough time to coordinate different days to create an inclusive itinerary with your family. For shorter or less important trips, usually when visiting family members in different cities or states, make sure you plan the trip around three months before. Consider planning around specific events or days, too.

Plan an Inclusive Vacation

It is tough deciding where to go, but it can be even more complicated when you start considering where you’d like to go. Booking a hotel close to a beach or cabin in the woods could sound like the ideal getaway holiday, but that’s not to say it will suit everyone in the family. Consider the amount of people who will be on the trip, as well as the number of children and elderly that have to be catered to. Make sure that your destination has amenities that are suitable for all ages and that your time spent there will be worth the money that you paid.

Decide on Your Budget

The modern cost of traveling has been steadily increasing this year, making it more pricey for almost everyone to travel. Even solo travelers find it difficult to fund their adventures this year due to higher airfare and hotel costs. During the planning process, set your budget to help everyone figure out how much money they will need to stack away. Your budget should also take into account eating out, going to tourist attractions, or buying souvenirs.

Check for Accessibility and Safety

One other thing to consider is the general safety of the destination you’re visiting. In this case, safety should be a top priority, especially when traveling with older adults and children. Read up about the places you want to visit from a social media travel guide and get some insider information from people on the internet who have visited a specific destination. See trips listed as multi-generational on AESU’s website!

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