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AESU Supports ECO Travel.

Every travel organization and traveler share a common responsibility to preserve our planet’s environment, respect its people, and leave behind a lighter footprint to ensure our world’s beauty is preserved for our generation and for generations to come.

When traveling with AESU you’ll discover our remarkable world in a responsible manner. AESU founded “TRAVEL for GOOD” several decades ago and has been a pioneer in promoting responsible and sustainable travel.

AESU is also a member of Sustainable Travel International (STI) whose motto is: Protect the Places You Love.

Sustainable Travel International is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving our planet’s most vulnerable destinations. They are transforming tourism’s impact on nature and local culture by working alongside communities, engaging travelers and businesses in responsible practices, and strengthening destination management. Through their work, they aim to safeguard nature, combat climate change, and empower communities to preserve the integrity of destinations around the globe.

Eco-friendly travel and tourism can help protect the world’s natural and cultural riches while also creating economic opportunities for local communities. Sustainable Travel International works with destination leaders and the UN Sustainable Development goals initiative, participates in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and partnered with United Airlines to develop the Eco-Skies CarbonChoice program.

The Ocean Foundation 501(c)(3), as a STI sponsor, is the only community foundation for the ocean, dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world with strategic ocean solutions. Their mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations who address ocean acidification, plastic pollution, and build coastal resilience in local communities across the globe.

AESU utilizes additional responsible business practices like employing local guides, staying in smaller locally run hotels, and investing in local communities. We strive to decrease the use of paper media and use more electronic advertising and marketing efforts that are more environmentally responsible.

You can also do your part when travelling by buying local products, engaging and supporting local cultures, respectfully exploring and conserving nature, carrying reusable water bottles and joining more walking tours in the cities—just for starters.

Join our cause, come travel with AESU, and be the best responsible traveler you can be.
Make it your mission to TRAVEL for GOOD.


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