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Packing Hacks for Visiting Multiple Climates in One Trip

Packing tip #1: Learn how to layer!

Packing tip #1: Learn how to layer!

One of the biggest advantages of joining a group travel program like AESU is that you have the opportunity to visit several different countries, cities, and time zones in one action-packed trip. Traveling from foggy London to sunny Greece in a span of three weeks is a thrilling adventure, but it can present a few issues when packing one suitcase is involved. Fret not, and discover four packing hacks for visiting multiple climates in one trip!

Research Your Adventure

Before you throw a parka and a bikini into your suitcase, take the time to research the journey ahead. What time of year will you be traveling? What specific areas will you visit? For example, Iceland is known to be cold, but the summer temperatures can climb well into the 80s in some regions. Having a firm understanding of the climates you’re visiting will help you save inches of space in your suitcase.

Choose Items to Layer

When it comes to packing for cool and warm climates, layering is your best friend. Don’t think of your cold and hot climate clothes as separate wardrobes. Instead, consider how the pieces will work collectively. If you have to choose between two sweaters, select the one that will best match your heavy jacket. If you have several dresses, pack the ones that will look best under a coat or long-sleeved shirt.

Purchase a Packable Down Jacket

If you’re traveling from a warm to a cold climate, don’t try to fit a bulky parka into your suitcase. Purchase a down jacket designed to pack into small spaces. Not only do down jackets provide an incredible amount of warmth, but they have been specially created to travel easily. For backpackers, packable down jackets are the go-to choice for cold-weather adventures.

Take Advantage of Packing Organizers

Packing organizers, like packing cubes, now make it easier than ever to fit more into one suitcase. Not only will you be able to pack your favorite outfits into your checked luggage, but you can maximize space in your carry-on as well!

Travel The World With AESU

AESU offers unique, thrilling travel programs for college students and young professionals at affordable rates. Each trip is action-packed and informal—designed just for people your own age. We are also able to design custom tours just for your group.

Experience an exhilarating adventure on the Cosmopolitan, Explorer, and Continental tours. It’s never too late to get a taste of a multitude of exciting cultures!

If you have any questions or want help booking your European adventure, please contact AESU by calling 800-638-7640, or fill out the contact form found on our website!

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