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Relax In The Steaming Waters Of The Blue Lagoon In Iceland!


Take a load off in Iceland’s geothermal Blue Lagoon!

Mention Iceland as a vacation destination to most Americans and they’ll look at you like you have 6 heads. Expecting to hike across glaciers, bundle-up against snowflake ridden windburn, or fasten their snow boots and trudge through 5 ft of frozen precipitation, they’ve got it all wrong. Although the island is just south of the Arctic border, Iceland is surprisingly temperate. Lying directly in the path of the North Atlantic Current, the country is protected from the dismal chill most neighboring continents fall victim to. This makes Iceland an extremely popular vacation destination! Make sure you make Iceland a part of your vacation plans this summer! The famous Blue Lagoon is a beautiful, vast geothermal spa which is continually heated as a volcanic hot spot combines fresh and salt water at extreme temperatures beneath the Earth’s surface. Relax those cramped muscles after a long flight and make the luxurious, steaming Icelandic waters your destination.

A Royal Blue Energy Source

Aside from being a breathtaking tourist destination, The Blue Lagoon provides green energy to its surrounding communities. With water heated 2,000 meters below the surface, it is harnessed via drilling holes at a nearby geothermal power plant. While soothing your weary bones, take comfort in knowing your dollars are contributing to Iceland’s environmentally responsible energy sourcing! Relax in a deep blue jacuzzi of renewable power! The active ingredient, silica, reflects the sun’s light and produces a royal blue hue. This time of year, The Blue Lagoon gives off a green luster from the accumulation of algae growing on the water’s surface. However, if you took the water and poured it into a cup it would appear white and cloudy. Sunlight and the combination of silica and algae give The Blue Lagoon it’s teal luster.

Not Just A Lagoon, But An Experience

The Blue Lagoon is an awesome way to experience Iceland for the first time! It’s not just a swimming hole where you’ll be bumped, splashed and disturbed by tourist trap overcrowding. It is an experience. The lagoon offers spa amenities, water massages, events and meetings in an in-house venue, and guided tours. Learn about the volcanic eruption that created the landscape almost 800 years ago! Dive into the wonders of geothermal salt water while learning how hydraulic energy harvesting works. Make Iceland a destination and sink those sore muscles into an incredible man-made hot spring while you take a break from all that studying you did this past semester. Knead those knots in your shoulders away while basking in the arctic sunlight. Calmly take in the breathtaking snow-covered mountain tops surrounding you as you submerge yourself in a thermal spa.

Make The Blue Lagoon A Destination This Summer With AESU

Want help booking a fun and affordable vacation with AESU? Please contact us by calling 800-638-7640 or fill out the contact form found on our website. And don’t forget to check out all of our great Travel Tips, before you head overseas. AESU offers an Iceland Expedition for 5 days. Come see The Northern Lights and bathe in The Blue Lagoon in Reykjavík, one of the liveliest cities filled with legendary nightlife.

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