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AESU’s Favorite Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Are you ready to put these travel accessories to good use?

Your upcoming trip is right around the corner!! You might have a packing list as long as your arm or maybe you’re a light packer… Either way, check out AESU’s 20 must-have travel accessories and make sure you’re not missing anything that could make your travels easier!

Must-Have Travel Accessories

  1. Inflatable neck pillow– Take a neck pillow for overnight flights and avoid involuntary neck exercises. Inflatable neck pillows are even more convenient because they can be squashed up to only take up a little bit of space in your bag.
  2. Unique luggage tag– Tag your bag! That way there’s no confusion over which is yours. Grab your luggage and get started on the fun part of your trip! AESU even includes a lime green luggage tag in your pre-departure materials so you won’t miss your bag.
  3. Plastic bags for shoes and dirty laundry– Bring plastic bags. You’ll find tons of uses for them.
  4. Vacuum packing bags– Vacuum bags will help you fit all the outfits you could possibly want into your luggage, just don’t forget to check the luggage weight!
  5. Vinni bag or jet bag– You’ve got to bring home a bottle of wine from the vineyard you visited! Get one of these wine bags and keep that liquid gold safe while you’re flying home!
  6. De-wrinkle spray– Mini-irons can take up a lot of space and ironing can take up a lot of time. Grab a little bottle of de-wrinkle spray and keep your clothes looking fresh whether you’re on day 1 of your trip or day 21.
  7. Battery powered alarm clock– Lots of us use our phones as an alarm clock but you may not bring your phone on your overseas adventure. A small alarm clock is a good investment to make sure you’re always on time to meet the group.
  8. GoPro– The narrow, corkscrew climb to the top of St. Peters is something you’ll never forget. Bring your GoPro and share the ascent and panoramic view with your friends almost exactly as you experienced it. If you’re traveling with us this year, enter AESU’s photography contest and win a GoPro for yourself!
  9. Ostrich pillow– Might be a little embarrassing but this odd looking pillow would definitely help you catch some zzz’s on the train-
  10. Silicone travel bottles– These bottles squish up so not a drop is wasted. Bring just enough shampoo and conditioner and use all of it.
  11. Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones– The plane/bus/train can get loud. Bring earplugs so you can catch up on sleep during those early morning journeys. Noise cancelling headphones can block out the extra noise when you’re trying to listen to music.
  12. Mini first-aid kit– Sightseeing almost always means lots of walking. Bring Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment in case you start to get blisters.
  13. Scarf with secret pocket– These scarves are a stylish way to keep your passport and other important stuff in a secret, secure place while you are walking around in tourist areas where pick-pockets like to hang out-
  14. Shawl or scarf– Girls should take a pashmina or large scarf to wrap to cover shoulders when going into church, You can also use as extra blanket on plane, shawl on chilly evening and when you’re done, it doesn’t take up too much space in your purse.
  15. Comfy, close-toed flats – Flip-flops might seem like a practical all-around shoe but city streets are dirty and sandals don’t offer much support. Also, blisters (see #12).
  16. Detergent sheets– When the laundromat isn’t particularly accessible, don’t be afraid to wash your clothes in the sink. Pack a baggie of powdered detergent or bring these super-handy detergent sheets to make it easier-
  17. Extra glasses/contacts– It is all too easy to lose a contact or forget your glasses when you’re changing locations this often. Make sure you bring an extra set so you can see the sites from the beginning you’re your trip to the end.
  18. Suitcase lock– Most hotels have a safe but bring a TSA-approved lock for your suitcase to secure your stuff in case the hotel doesn’t offer a safe.
  19. Dual adapter and converter- Keep your camera charged and ready to go with a combination adapter and converter. European countries use a higher voltage than we do and the outlets are a different shape, so just one or the other won’t be enough.
  20. Reusable water bottle– The Mediterranean is hot and water in Europe isn’t free. Bring a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated and save money on buying bottled water.

Are you ready to put these travel accessories to good use? Please contact AESU by calling 800-638-7640 or fill out the contact form found on our website. And don’t forget to check out all of our great Travel Tips, especially the Travel Tips for Europe, before you head overseas.

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