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Apps for Travel Safety

Apps Travel Safety

Are you ready to travel and put these travel apps to good work?

Your departure date is quickly approaching and you are nothing but excited. Your parents on the other hand… They’re worried. Despite your numerous conversations about how safe traveling to Europe is, how responsible you’ve become and how AESU has been taking college age groups to Europe since the 1970s, mom and dad aren’t sold. Downloading these apps might help ease their minds while you’re abroad and who knows, you might even use a couple them.  

Apps for Travel Safety

Travel SOS ! – Install Travel SOS ! and you will always know how to get in contact with local emergency services while you are traveling. Just let the app access your location services and it will tell you police numbers and other 911-type information for where ever you are, no matter the country. Free but needs network access

Carbonite– Let’s be honest. We’re not always aware of our surroundings when we’re traveling. Florence’s Duomo is stunning but that break-taking moment also takes away your awareness of your surroundings. Now you are the perfect target for pickpockets. Should your phone get nicked, Carbonite will help make the experience less awful. But it’s still going to be pretty awful. Carbonite automatically backs up your pictures and information so you won’t lose those shots from your amazing river cruise in Paris or, even worse, the number of that cute guy you met in Amsterdam. Carbonite also has a remote locate feature. So before you start panicking, you can make sure you really have lost your phone and it’s not just hiding at the bottom of your purse.  If you phone actually is stolen, Carbonite lets you destroy your personal information from afar. It even lets you access your camera so you can take a picture of the jerk who stole your phone. Free but needs at least internet access

Smart Traveler– Smart Traveler was made by the US State department so you know it’s legitimate- i.e. definitely an app to mention to your parents. It provides you with up to the minute State Department warnings and situational updates. Smart Traveler also lets you register with the local embassy on your smartphone. But it’s not all business! Give this app a shake and it will give you random facts on foreign countries.  Free but needs at least  internet access

Sun Screen Reminder– This app probably won’t save your life right now… but it might in 20 years. Sun damage sucks and being sunburnt on vacation is no fun. It also makes you look weird in pictures. So download this app and enjoy the Mediterranean sun with the peace of mind that you won’t forget to re-apply! Free and works without internet or network access

Are you ready to travel and put these apps to good use? Please contact AESU by calling 800-638-7640 or fill out the contact form found on our website. And don’t forget to check out all of our great Travel Tips, especially the Travel Tips for Europe, before you head overseas.

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