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The Elegance and Mystery of French Perfume—Explained!

Some of today’s most coveted fragrances come from leading French brands such as: Christian Dior, Chanel, and Estée Lauder. France is considered the leader in fashion and fragrance industries, and French perfume certainly is a force to be reckoned with. So why is France so brilliant when it comes to fragrance, and why do we love their perfume so much?

Look back into the history of the French perfume, and imagine the magnifique aromas of the Fragonard Museum of Perfume in Paris.

Renaissance and Redolence

While France didn’t invent the perfume (we can credit that to the Greeks and Romans), Catherine de Medicis, wife of King Henri II, introduced fashion fragrances to France during the Renaissance. Louis XV’s court was known to be fond of fragrances as well. Before that, scents existed mainly to hide the smell of body odor—unfortunately, bathing wasn’t a priority until the late 18th century.

Paris may be the French perfume industry headquarters, but the real ambrosial aromas are found in the small town of Grasse, France. Due to its mild climate, it’s a horticulture heaven for a variety of popular scents, such as: jasmine, lavender, myrtle, rose and mimosa.


Lavender fields in Grasse, France, used in fragrance for French perfume.

With access to natural, sweet-smelling scents right in their country, it’s no wonder French perfume is regarded as the most pleasant and elegant in fragrance.

Fragonard Musée du Parfum

To experience the intoxicating scents of the flowers in Grasse, you can visit the Fragonard Museum of Perfume. Fragonard is a top fragrance producer in France, and its museum hosts some of the most alluring aromas in French perfume. This two story museum has intriguing displays such as the orgue à parfum, or ‘perfume organ’. It’s a display of perfumes arranged to resembled the keyboard of a cathedral organ.

Those wishing to be hypnotized by the power of French perfume will find the history and displays of the Fragonard Museum of Perfume to be interesting and, of course, alluring.

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