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Photo Apps for Travel

Photo Apps Travel

The right photo apps can help you document your next adventure.

So you’re finally in Europe! You’ve been looking forward to this trip all year- sunbathing in Nice, eating baguettes under the Eiffel Tower, drinking beer at the Hofbrauhaus, making memories that will last a lifetime!  But you know what your friends are going to say- pics or it didn’t happen.  Apps are perfect for sharing your travel adventures. Download these apps to make your phone as camera-like as possible then share some killer pictures on your social media feed of choice. Just be careful about not to misplace or break your phone! It’s pretty tough to take pictures on your phone when it’s at the bottom of a canal…

Photo Apps for Travel

Photosynth– This app lets you take great quality panoramic shots. What’s really cool is that it lets you take panoramas in any direction- up, down, diagonally. Get creative then share it! Free, no network needed

Instagram– We all know and love Instagram. But did you know that you can tag locations in your pictures? You can even search existing photos by location. Search for the Paris tag; you won’t be disappointed. Use it to get some inspiration before your trip starts. Free, no network needed to take pictures

proHDR– proHDR is great when you’re on one of those whirlwind sightseeing tours. You want to take pictures of everything but you don’t have time to get the lighting right. proHDR will take care of all of that for you. It works best on landscapes with a combination of light and dark spots and it’s great for people who consistently under or over expose their pictures. Costs $1.99, no network needed

Wood Camera– This app lets you apply filters, edit your pictures then share them with social media. It’s a lot like Instagram but with more options.  Costs $1.99, no network needed to take pictures

Diptic PDQ– Diptic lets you create fantastic collages of your photos. Summarize your time in Austria in one cohesive collage. All of the layouts are customizable and modern so you can share your pictures in a way that accentuates them. Costs $0.99, no network needed

8mm Vintage Camera– Love that classic photography look? 8mm Vintage Camera gives your pictures a retro feel. It can also be applied to existing videos before you post them online.

Photolettering– Photolettering lets you layer quotes over your pictures. It offers some really pretty font options and can give your landscape photos that extra edge for sharing on Instagram. Free, no network access needed

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