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In the meantime, check out what past travelers are saying about our trips:

“I had the best time of my life on this trip… This trip was so worth the $$!”

-Charlotte, UCLA

“Those three weeks were absolutely fantastic.”

-Jennifer, Miami Ohio

“I liked the balance between great tours/tour guides in the cities and free time to explore. What we got for our money was incredible.”

-Frank, CU

“Bravo….You made this trip educational, exciting and adventurous!”

-Joan, IU

“I had a great and memorable experience on this trip—things I’ll never forget.”

-Frances, Texas A&M

“Not only was this a vacation, it was a wake-up call for me to see the world!”

-Anna, UCLA


-Carter, Miami Ohio

“Well organized and the people we met were wonderful and became our friends. Thanks to all for such a great European trip.”

-Lindsay, University of Western Ontario

“I had a wonderful time on the trip. I know I would have spent twice as much and seen only a fraction of what I saw if I went on my own.”

-Amy, University of Western Ontario

“AESU makes traveling fun and carefree. Safety is the most important part of travel w/ me and I felt very safe, and well taken care of, thanks to our Tour Director!”

-University of Notre Dame

“It was my dream come true and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip!”

-Mark, University of Texas

“The tour was perfect…the group was all close in age and had similar interests…We all had a great time together. Thank You!”

-Andrea, University of Notre Dame


-Joan, UCSB

“This is by far one of the most memorable and special experiences I have had in my life. It was a great opportunity to be able to travel Europe not only with a group of students my age, who have almost all just completed that same stressful life experience as I, but to also share the common bond of all being from the same school, made it even better.”

-Mark, University of Texas

“This was the best way to do it. We saw most of everything. There would be no way to do all the activities without a tour director. Much better than traveling on my own.”

-Lauren, University of Texas

“I had the best time of my life on this trip…This trip was so worth the $$!”

-Peter, UCLA

“It was a great introduction of Europe.”

-Ellen, Iowa State Univer

“Excellent tour director, very knowledgeable.”

-Jeff, Emory University

“I liked the organizational component along with so many unexpectedly organized events.”

-Robert, Cornell University

“The tour exceeded my expectations.”

-Kimberly, Boston University

“I don’t think I would have gotten out as much of Europe for the first time if I went by myself. It was definitely worth it.”

-Jessica, Arizona State University

“Awesome! The best time of my life!”

-Scott, University of Utah

“The tour director was very inspiring.”

-Tiffany, University of South Florida

“I really enjoyed this trip. Not only all the cities and the huge variety but also the variety of people on the trip. Every day was new and exciting.”

-Sally, University of Georgia

“I loved the authentic dinners and optional activities.”

-May, Kappa Delta

“It was an amazing way to see Europe for the first time”.

-Lindsay, Boston University

“The array of countries and places we were able to visit were wonderful. Lots of new knowledge.”

-Amanda, Arizona State University

“AESU office was wonderful and very helpful.”

-Angie, University of Toledo

“Wonderful Experience! I would recommend it to anyone!”

-Sam, Tri Delta

“This tour exceeded my expectations!”

-Suzanne, Purdue University (Alumni host)

“Greece was awesome. I really enjoyed myself on this trip.”

-Valerie, Purdue University

“I loved all the cities chosen & the breakdown of the trip (ending being really relaxed in Greece.) Perfect length of tour.”

-Melissa, Miami Ohio

“Group dinners were great because everyone was together having fun.”

-Angelo, Miami Ohio

“I liked the fact that we were given a lot of time to explore the cities ourselves. There was much time to enjoy the local ‘hangouts” rather than just seeing all the tourist spots.”

–Kaitlin,The Ohio State University

“Hotels were excellent. Dinners were great.”

-Emily, The Ohio State University

“Loved being with other recent grads.”

-Kelly, Ohio University

“Tour director was awesome!”

-Danielle, Oklahoma University

“Tour guides were awesome and all of our activities were a blast.”

–Jasmine, Penn State

“Everything was fabulous.”

-Emily, Penn State

“Loved how organized the tour was.”

-Amy, University of Colorado

“Really loved everything. Really had a great time!”

-Sarah, University of Colorado

“I enjoyed all the stops on the tour because they are most of the essential places in Europe to visit and provide the opportunity to experience that city long enough to know if you want to return.”

-Courtney, Texas A&M

“Tour director was fabulous.”

– Tarini, Syracuse University

“Great tour director. Great trip.”

-Russel, Syracuse University

“I liked the chance to meet other people who recently graduated college and it was really fun to travel around to many different cities.”

– Kylene, Syracuse University

“I enjoyed meeting people from all different parts of the U.S. and from all over the world.”

-Carly, Seton Hall University

“Tour guide spectacular and went above & beyond every day!”

-Nicole, Purdue University (Alumni host)

“Tour guides were great. Went above and beyond my expectations.”

-Lauren, Penn State

“Very well coordinated-lots of logistics were seamlessly put together-great itinerary, too.”

-Judd (Alumni host), University of Colorado

” I saw everything I wanted to see and more.”

-Jessica, University of Maryland

“Activities and free time balance was perfect!”

-Emily, University of Southern Mississippi

:”It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone! We got to see so much in just 25 days.”

-Stacy, University of Southern Mississippi

“I loved the authentic dinners & optional activities.”

-Angie, Utah State University

“I most liked experiencing the world outside North America with great friends and making new ones in the process.”

-Theodora, Virginia Tech

“Loved the meals, the itinerary and hotels. Opportunity of a lifeme. I had the time of my life. So incredible.”

-Molly, Boston University

“Loved the group, had a great bus driver & guide. Switzerland was most amazing.”

-Jessica, Boston University

“Loved the destinations!”

-Katherine, Boston University

“It was an incredible experience.”

-Angela, Iowa State University

“I liked the length of the tour, activities and the places we visited.”

-Ashley H., Miami Ohio

“Excellent tour and travel program.”

-Ashley M., Miami Ohio

“I absolutely loved the Essential Europe trip! I didn’t want to come home!”

-Ashley, University of Texas

“I Loved the balance of free time and tour guides we had. I also enjoyed the dinners already planned for us.”

-Jessica, Miami Ohio

“The people on the tour and the tour itself were awesome.”

-Lauren, Miami Ohio

“Loved the variety of culture and the sites.”

-Amy, NC State

“I liked all the places we went, they were exactly as described.”

-Jennifer, SDSU

“Loved seeing so much!”

-Anne, University of South Carolina

“Everything was excellent.”

-Scott, Virginia Tech

“The tour was great. Tour guide was fun and helpful. Awesome month.”

-Joseph, Virginia Tech

“Loved the structure of morning walking tours and afternoon free time.”

-Sierra, Virginia Tech

“I liked how organized everything was.”

-Whitney, Virginia Tech

“Great experience!”

-David, William & Mary

“This trip was a once in a lifetime experience. It was truly amazing. I loved the sights, people, food, and many cultures!”

-Vita Marie, University of Texas

“Wonderful. Totally loved it!”

-Annika, Texas A&M

“It was the best trip I have ever taken.”

-Tara, UT

“Wonderful Experience! I would recommend it to anyone!”

-Robin, Tri Delta