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5 Useful Apps to Download Before Traveling Abroad

Discover five must-have apps for your next trip!

Discover five must-have apps for your next trip abroad!

Whether it’s your first or fifth time traveling abroad, it helps to prepare for the adventure ahead. Present-day technologies allow tourists and backpackers to ditch the clunky guidebooks for the convenience of their phone or tablet. Downloading certain apps prior to your trip can make the entire experience easier and ultimately more enjoyable. Discover five must-have apps for your next trip!


WhatsApp Messenger is a free instant messaging service that allows users to text, call, and video chat with other users all over the world. WhatsApp is an essential app for any traveler, as it can be used by phone or other computer devices.


One of the best aspects of traveling to a new country is discovering delicious, local cuisine. Restaurant websites can be misleading, and travelers can end up overpaying for a mediocre dish. The Foodspotting app allows users to review restaurants and cities based on reviews and recommendations from other users. The app is used all over the world, so you’re bound to find that perfect dish you’ve been craving.


Simply enter a town, address, or landmark, and Rome2rio can display available transportation options to get you there. Not only does the app provide flight, bus, train, ferry, and driving options, it can estimate travel times and fare rates.

Sayhi Translate

Sayhi translate can decipher 90 languages and dialects, and the list continues to grow. Users can have a conversation in two languages and comprehend each other perfectly. The app is known for its simplicity and has been created with the highest quality speech recognition available.

Like a Local

The Like a Local app provides users with restaurants, landmarks, and activities that locals or other users recommend. While some spots are considered off-the-beaten-path, others are more mainstream. There is even an option to navigate the app offline!

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