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How to Tip in Europe

How to Tip in Europe

This guide for tipping in Europe will go over everything travelers need to know about tipping and gratuity in restaurants or bars throughout Europe.

Tipping while abroad in Europe is confusing since each country has its own tipping customs and culture. This guide to tipping in Europe will go over everything travelers need to know about tipping and gratuity in restaurants or bars throughout Europe to help make sure you’re not paying too much or too little while dining out. Read on to learn more!

General Tipping Advice While in Europe

Contrary to popular belief, tipping does exist in Europe, but it is rarely “expected,” and the tipping amount is a lot less than here in America. Even in countries where tipping is common, there is very little consensus about what is considered a “normal tip,” and a lot of Europeans never leave tips at all. Restaurants in Europe usually include a “service fee” in the final bill, so additional tips would be provided for services that went above and beyond. Remember, the waitstaff does not rely on their tips for their wage like they do in the United States since they are paid a living wage, and each person gets benefits like healthcare, PTO, and more.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Tip

As Americans, we are expected to tip at least 20% essentially every place we get drinks or food at. Since we have brought this tipping culture with us to Europe, many wait staff employees see Americans as walking ATMs. A few waiters might even go out of their way to mention that a tip isn’t included in the bill – however, they would never say this to a local because they would be laughed at. In short, don’t ever feel pressured to tip while in Europe at all.

Quick Tips for Tipping

A 10% tip in most of Europe is considered generous in restaurants, so anything more is a bit excessive. It is also common to round up to the nearest whole number while tipping. However, a tip percentage usually decreases on the large restaurant bills. For example, if your ultimate bill is 200 euros, then you may only tip 10 to 15 euros, but if you love everything, then feel free to do the entire 10 percent. Cash tips are always preferred in Europe, too, even when you pay with a credit card. To learn more about tipping while in Europe, visit AESU today!

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