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The Vegan’s Guide to Dining Out in Europe

Luckily for herbivores, it’s now easier than ever to explore Europe and enjoy delicious, plant-based cuisine!

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The rise in vegan and plant-based diets isn’t just gaining traction in the United States. According to a recent study, the number of people in the UK identifying as vegans has increased by 350%, compared to a decade ago. Just last year, the number of vegetarians in Portugal rose 400%! A plant-based diet has been proven to benefit one’s well-being and the health of our planet, but dining out can sometimes be challenging for those who subscribe to the lifestyle. Luckily for herbivores, it’s now easier than ever to explore Europe and enjoy delicious, plant-based cuisine!

There’s an App for That

In the modern age of world travel, your cell phone is just as important as your passport. Whether you’re killing time at the airport or relaxing at the hotel, log in to the WIFI and download an app made specifically for vegans and vegetarians. Apps like Happy Cow can help travelers find delicious vegan or vegetarian options in over 150 countries! Did you just purchase a snack from the local market and want to know if it’s okay to eat? Is it Vegan? Is an app that helps you read the label and determine if your food is plant-based or not!

Do Your Homework

If you’re a vegan foodie, consider visiting a city where the lifestyle is booming! Just last year, PETA analyzed European cities based on factors of vegan restaurants to create a list of vegan-friendly destinations! Take a stroll down Vegan Avenue in Berlin, try the Dutch Weed Burger in Amsterdam, or explore the MiVeg Vegan Festival in Milan! Photographing your culinary experiences and posting to social media can help other vegans discover new European destinations too!

Pack a Few Snacks

While animal-free and plant-based foods might be easy to find, travel can sometimes be unpredictable. You might make the journey to a famous vegan ice cream shop, only to find that it’s closed for repairs. It’s important to stay healthy and happy during the entire duration of your journey, so consider packing a couple of snacks for the trip. Plant-based snacks like nut butter and fruit bars travel easily, so you won’t have to worry about taking up space. Simply store a few snacks in your purse or backpack, and have fun exploring a new city!

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