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What To Do With Your Free Time in Belgium

Delicious treats, beautiful architecture and comical art top our list of things to do during your free time in Belgium!

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Mannekin Pis
This famous statue of a little boy peeing in a fountain is a representative of the irreverent Belgian humor. Built in the 17th century, Mannekin Pis is just 61cm (24 inches) tall. One would not normally call this art piece ‘majestic,’ but the locals have so many stories with this little boy that even the toughest critic would find some fondness for the bronze doll.
Hours: Accessible 24/7
Location: On the corner of Rue de L’Etuve & Stroofstraat.
Moules & Frites
Mussels are the national dish of Belgium. Traditionally they are served in a large steaming pot of savory broth with a side of Belgian frites and homemade mayonnaise. French fries, chips, or frites – whichever name you prefer to use – they’re Belgian! Made with Belgian Bintje potatoes, cooked twice and served in a paper cone with a side of mayonnaise, these Belgian treats embody potato perfection.
Hours: Restaurant times will vary
Location: Any local restaurant!
Town Hall
Town Hall is a striking gothic building at Grand Place which dates back to the 13th century. Its beautiful facade features the famous needle-like crooked spire which is 315 feet in height and is topped by the archangel St. Michael.
FREE – $
Hours: Open to visitors on Wed. and Sun. (purchase same-day guided tours from 9:00am); Admire the architecture 24/7
Location: Grand-Place, 1000 Brussels