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24 Hours in Cinque Terre

24 Hours in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre started as a collection of smaller fishing villages and is now one of the top destinations to visit in Italy.

One day in Cinque Terre does not give you enough time to see each corner of the region, but you can see most of it. Cinque Terre started as a collection of smaller fishing villages. It is now one of the top destinations to visit in Italy, known for its cliffside villas and plenty of hiking and walking paths. People flock to the area for the dramatic coastlines. Cinque Terre maintains an authentic and enjoyable atmosphere. While touristy areas around the coastline feature recently built retreats, the surrounding meandering trails along the cliffsides remain virtually untouched. It is the ideal location for hiking or relaxing on vacation. Read on to learn how to spend 24 hours in Cinque Terre!

Walk Around Monterosso al Mare

You’ll usually begin your trip around Cinque Terre in one day in Monterosso al Mare. It is the northernmost village along the coast and the most popular location. Monterosso is split into two parts. The old town has most of the old buildings and other historical sites while the new town has different hotels and resorts. The old town has most of the older buildings and other historic sites, while the new town has different resorts and hotels. During the summer, the area is swarming with all kinds of tourists. They primarily come for the beach, since it is the only sand beach around Cinque Terre. The old town has historic buildings that help the village keep its old fishing village feeling. The center of the town even has a public square surrounded by shops and cafes you can check out.

Take a Hike from Monterosso to Vernazza

After a brief trip around the streets of the old town Monterosso, make your way to Vernazza. While trying to see most of Cinque Terre in a day, you can not spend too much time in each village, as you never know how long a hike could last. The leg of this journey usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours. You will start on the path along the coastline before you venture into the hillside. The path begins to narrow down and includes a few steep spots. While the paths are safe for people, make sure you’re careful while traveling over slippery or rocky terrain. Along the way, you will have a few opportunities to view the ocean from any open lookout points. Unfortunately, most of the hike takes you behind foliage and right into the landscape.

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