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Destination Spotlight for 2024 – Italy

Destination Spotlight for 2024 – Italy

Whether you’re looking for architecture, history, beautiful scenery, quaint little towns, or delicious food – Italy has it all.

Whether you’re looking for architecture, history, beautiful scenery, quaint little towns, or delicious food – Italy has it all. It’s one of those countries that you could visit ten times and still have that feeling that you have hardly scratched the surface. From the main landmarks of Venice and Rome to beautiful hikes in the countryside, there is so much to do and see while in Italy. We at AESU have our Ciao Italy tour in 2024, which explores many regions of this beautiful country. Read on to learn more!


Florence is known as the “Art Capital of the World,” and it’s the home of the famed Italian sculptor, architect, painter, and poet Michelangelo. During our trip, our local historian will describe the Renaissance art, architecture, and life under the rule of the Medici dynasty. Marvel at Brunelleschi’s masterpiece, the Duomo, look at the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the Gates of Paradise, Giotto’s Bell Tower, and much more. Our tour will take us to the San Lorenzo market, where we will have time to browse the stalls packed with local produce, household goods, and colorful fashions. You could explore the Uffizi Gallery to see the famous works of Botticelli, Giotto, Raphael, and Da Vinci. Florence also has plenty of restaurants to check out since they take pride in serving some of the best steaks in the country.

Cinque Terre

Explore the colorful cliff-side villages in Cinque Terre on our tour. Take in the picture-perfect, rugged coastline dotted with terraced vineyards and olive groves. You can then make your way through this seemingly inaccessible string of different fishing villages, all nestled between the mountains and the sun-splashed Mediterranean Sea. Begin your journey at the oldest town of Manrolo, which is the most iconic stretch of the path. It’s easy terrain, only about one mile long, and can be managed in 30 to 45 minutes. Take advantage of your included Cinque Terre Rail Card to visit all the other villages or go on a hike in this beautiful region of Italy.

Tuscan Countryside – Siena

Our tour will take us through the Tuscan countryside. One of our stops will be in Siena, where you can enjoy leisure time relaxing by the pool or strolling along the sun-dappled lanes and vineyards. There are cooking classes in the morning, which many of our previous tour attendees enjoyed.

There’s so much to do and see outside of Rome and Venice in Italy. Consider traveling with AESU for your next trip to Italy, and visit our website to learn more about our tours!

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