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The Beginner’s Approach to Travel Blogging/Journaling

Have you always wanted to start your own travel blog?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or preparing for your first adventure abroad, documenting your experiences is a great way to share your journey with others. Maintaining a travel blog doesn’t mean you have to amass thousands of followers and likes to be a valuable resource. If your content is truthful, unique, and informative, then your blog or journal will be a success. Discover how to start your own travel blog or journal with the following tips from AESU! 

Consider Your Objective 

It’s important to consider your overall purpose before you begin any project. When it comes to travel blogging, defining your objective will help you to establish a clear position and design for your website. Will your blog be photography based, or will it focus on writing? Do you want to network with other travelers, or do you just want to share your journey with mom and dad? It’s okay if your overall purpose evolves, but it helps to start with a concrete objective. 

Pick a Unique Name 

As social media continues to expand, travel blogging also becomes more prevalent. There are countless travel blogs, but the ones with the best names tend to stick out. Consider a witty play on your own name or choose a short, catchy phrase that speaks to you! You might think that all of the best blog names are already taken, but they’re not! Choose your blog name before setting up a platform. 

Choose a Platform 

Before you can post your favorite photographs and reminisce about a recent experience, you need to choose the platform that’s best for you and your blog. There are plenty of free options, like WordPress and Wix, or you can invest in another website builder. There are so many companies to choose from, so it’s important to do your research. If possible, talk to other bloggers about their experiences with online platforms. 

Have Fun

Traveling isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey! Don’t worry if a post doesn’t receive the attention you were expecting. Have fun with your travel blog, and treat it as a new experience that you can learn and grow from!

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