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Celebrate the International Day for Monuments and Sites

A monument can be a reflection of national pride or a sobering reminder of a dark point in history.

No matter what corner of the world you visit, there is likely a national monument or cultural site that is a destination for countless tourists and locals alike, and the hallmark of the region. A monument can be a reflection of national pride or a sobering reminder of a dark point in history. The International Council on Monuments and Sites, ICOMOS, created a day to celebrate and appreciate these important places, while also raising awareness for preserving and protecting heritage.

How it Began

ICOMOS was first founded in 1965, and officially backed by UNESCO, to protect important locations of cultural heritage around the world. The organization holds over ten thousand members, from historians and artists to archaeologists and conservationists, who participate in efforts to protect national monuments and historic sites from falling into disrepair or being destroyed. On April 18th, 1982, ICOMOS started the International Day for Monuments and Sites as a way to raise awareness and public interest in particularly endangered cultural sites.  This day features many tours and special events across all of the 151 countries where ICOMOS committees are based, including Poland, where it was founded, and its current headquarters in France. As you can imagine the International Day for Monuments and Sites was widely successful and continues to welcome people everywhere to experience the history and culture of the world firsthand.

Celebrating This Year

Each year, ICOMOS focuses on a particular theme for the International Day for Monuments and Sites. And across every country involved, you can participate in everything from free guided tours to lectures and forums. Although much of the world activity is temporarily on hold because of recent events, organizations like ICOMOS have worked hard to bring the International Day for Monuments and Sites to people in their own homes. You can easily find virtual guided tours of cultural heritage sites online this year. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this April 18th so you can learn more about some of the valuable pieces of history the world has to offer.

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