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Favorite Holiday Sweet Treats from Around the World

Favorite Holiday Sweet Treats from Around the World

There’s nothing quite like a sweet treat during the holiday season!

There’s nothing quite like a sweet treat during the holiday season! Many cultures around the world celebrate the holidays by whipping up delightfully indulgent desserts and snacks to share with friends and family. And by trying out these sweets for yourself, or by making them for your own festivities, you can connect with international cultures and celebrate the holidays in a unique way. Here are some of our favorite holiday sweets from all over the world.


All over Latin America, buñuelos are enjoyed during the holiday season. At their core, these are simply fried pieces of dough sprinkled with sugar. However, each country in Latin America puts their own unique twist on the recipe. For instance, Mexican buñuelos are known for the generous amount of cinnamon sugar. In Cuba, the buñuelo is shaped like an eight and has anise-caramel topping drizzled on top. Colombia makes their buñuelos with cheese. Check out all of the variations and discover your favorite!


Germany goes all out during the Christmas season, and the Christmas markets here are some of the biggest and best in the world. And German children and adults alike look forward to eating tons of lebkuchen during the season! These are cookies that are very similar to gingerbread cookies, which originated in the Middle Ages in Nuremberg. They are made with honey, which at the time was thought to be a gift from heaven. When exploring the Christmas markets, don’t pass up the opportunity to munch on a delicious, decorated lebkuchen.

Tarte au Sucre

This holiday pie is enjoyed in Quebec and features a maple-flavored filling that could satisfy the sweet tooth of any Canadian. It is believed to have been passed down to the Quebecois people from their ancestral French colonial settlers – the recipe seems to be very similar to a pie traditionally made in France and Belgium, but the lack of access to brown sugar during colonial times forced the settlers to look for easier, more local methods of sweetening the pie filling. Maple syrup proved to be the winner and put the finishing touch on this uniquely Canadian treat!

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