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Packing the Perfect Carry-On 

Here are some tips for packing the perfect carry-on for your trip with AESU!

It’s an exciting adventure to visit new places around the world, but actually getting there can be a hassle sometimes. International travel comes with its challenges, and packing is the most important decision you’ll make before you set foot into the airport. Almost every airport will allow a small carry-on bag that you can take with you on the plane. A carry-on bag is a vital piece of luggage and knowing how to pack it right can help save your trip. Here are some tips for packing the perfect carry-on for your trip with AESU!

Best Carry-On Bags

Before you can start packing your carry-on, you might have to evaluate whether you have the right bag for the trip. First, you should make sure that you have the proper regulating size, which is 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches according to most airlines. If you decide to go bag shopping, then it’s helpful to find carry-on bags with labels that note their specific size. As for the style of the bag, you can choose from a variety including briefcases, large purses or backpacks, or even a small duffel bag. Generally a rolling bag that is similar to a suitcase is the best for airport travel because it is easy to pack and fits neatly in an overhead compartment. 

Know the Essentials

Anyone will tell you about the importance of packing the essentials when traveling. Typical travel essentials include a wallet and passport holder, camera, phone charger and adapter, hand sanitizer, headphones, travel pillow and a book and travel journal. However, your destination will play a big role in what you should pack. You might need a sturdy rain jacket if you’re going somewhere with a variable climate, or you should pack comfortable walking shoes if you plan on going on a lot of tours. The key is to pack everything you will immediately need in your carry-on bag. That will also include an extra change of clothes and small toiletry items if your luggage gets lost – but don’t forget to leave room for souvenirs!

Airport Regulations

Most importantly, when it comes to packing your carry-on, you want to make sure that you are following airport security regulations. Know what you are allowed to carry, what you should pack in your checked bag and what you should avoid bringing to the airport. Unless there is an exception, the universal limit for liquid items in American airports is 3oz, so you should pour things like lotion and mouthwash into smaller containers. If you have medication, then it’s important to keep it with you in your carry on in the case that your luggage could be delayed or lost. Be sure to also pack them in smaller containers and you can ask your pharmacist if they provide smaller labeled bottles. Getting stopped by TSA because of prohibited items in your carry-on can be a hassle. You could have things confiscated and you might get into further trouble with the law. 

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