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Peer Into the Haunted Castles of Europe

Plan your visit to four of the most haunted European castles… if you dare.

Plan your visit to one of the most haunted European castles… if you dare.

Dracula may lurk the hills of Transylvania, and Frankenstein’s monster might crawl through the streets of Bavaria, but Europe is filled with numerous other haunts and horrors. Plan your visit to four of the most haunted European castles… if you dare.

Ross Castle, Ireland

Built in 1563, this medieval Irish castle looms over the mysterious Emerald Isle. Guests have reportedly woken up to the sounds of low, groaning voices. Doors shut on their own, and more than one visitor has said to have felt the presence of a spirit at the foot of their bed.

Tulloch Castle Hotel, Dingwall

The exact date of the Tulloch Castle Hotel is unknown, but it is believed to be over 900 years old. The resident ghost, the “Green Lady” has been spotted so frequently, that the castle cafe is known as the Green Lady Bar. The ghost is thought to be the spirit of Elizabeth Davidson, whose portrait hangs in the Great Hall.

Chateau de Marcay, France

The dark and elegant corridors of the Chateau de Marcay are shrouded paranormal activity. As legend has it, the ladies of the Chateau transformed into werewolves during a full moon, and an unknowing farmer shot and killed one late at night. She was buried in secret, but her soul continues to haunt the rooms of the Chateau.

Castel Reszel, Poland

In 1806, the town of Reszel was lit ablaze by arsonists, and every wooden building was burned to the ground. A woman was arrested by police, and accused of starting the fire using witchcraft. She was sentenced to jail in the Reszel Castle dungeon, where she was mistreated for years by her captors. Today, visitors can spend the night in the castle turned hotel, but it is believed that she haunts the halls late at night.


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