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The Best museums in Europe to Celebrate International Museum Day 

Here are three unique museums from around the world that you could visit in the future on an AESU tour!

From history to science and culture, museums are dedicated to preserving critical pieces of knowledge and celebrating human achievement. Museums are an essential part of fostering learning and curiosity around the world. May 18th marks International Museum Day, which was first established by the International Council of Museums. In honor of this special occasion, here are three unique museums from around the world that you could visit in the future on an AESU tour!


Home to arguably some of the most beautiful pieces of the 17th century, Holland’s Rijksmuseum features the paintings of many notable Dutch artists. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, you can find these paintings which have been referred to as “The Masterpieces,” on display, including those by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and perhaps most famously Van Gogh. After the most substantial renovation in the museum’s history, the Rijksmuseum is a worthy destination for art enthusiasts.

Vatican Museums

When traveling through Italy, visiting the Vatican is a must. Here you can find a collection of museums which each feature displays from different regions and eras in the world. Inside these museums, you can find sculptures from the ancient Roman period, Renaissance frescoes, and works from Egypt and other areas. Most notably, the Vatican Museums are home to the famous Sistine Chapel, which was painted by 16th-century painter Michelangelo.

Musée du Louvre

This Paris museum is another home to famous artworks, in particular DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. The Musée du Louvre began its life as a fortress in the mid 1200’s, and was later rebuilt in the 16th century as a palace. Visitors to Paris will be impressed not only by the beautiful artwork inside but the structure’s iconic glass pyramid located outside of the building.

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