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New Year’s Eve In Vienna

young party people celebrating New Year's Eve

Where will you be for New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve in Vienna is nothing short of spectacular. The city is filled with music, mulled wine, loud parties, and ancient traditions. Some travelers passing through the City of Music during the holiday can become overwhelmed with the endless options bubbling throughout the city, so we’ve listed a few of our favorite events to explore.


Viennese Concerts


The Austrian city knows a thing or two about classical music. During New Year’s Eve, Vienna is host to multiple concerts, and music flows through the city streets into the early hours of the morning. Whether you want to enjoy a calm, romantic night listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or you’d rather be swept away in the dreamlike waltz of Johann Strauss, your classical tastes will not go unquenched.


The Vienna Gala


For the true fairytale experience, traveler’s will find whimsical refuge at the Viennese town hall. Dine, waltz, and enjoy a glass of bubbly under the beauty of the neo-gothic building and halls. The event features a modern live band, live orchestra tunes, a buffet of the city’s most traditional dishes, and a perfect view of the most beautiful display of fireworks.


Die Fledermaus


One of the city’s biggest New Year’s traditions, Die Fledermaus is a hilariously catchy opera that citizens see every year. The best way to watch this famous show is at the Vienna State Opera, but you’ll most likely hear its tunes sung throughout every pub and hall when the clock strikes midnight.


Silvesterpfad Vienna


The Silvesterpfad, or the New Year’s Eve Path, is an annual street party that serves as the main event of New Year’s Eve. Several bands line the historic city centre and play everything from operetta to pop music. The event officially starts at 2 pm, blocking off traffic and welcoming citizens and travelers to enjoy food and champagne under the lights of the city’s capital. The largest fireworks are displayed at Heldenplatz close to the Imperial Palace and at the Vienna


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