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What’s in Your Trip? A Comparison between AESU and Our Competitors

What are you really paying for when you spend all of your hard earned money on a trip? Dare to compare!

Other companies may appear a bit cheaper than AESU, but what do they really include in their tours?

Here is a list of comparisons between AESU and our main competitors.



Competitor 1**

Competitor 2**

Age range

Anyone 18-35 years of age is welcome on our tours! We even offer 1 tour a year to anyone, no matter their age!



Room type

All of AESU’s rooms are 2-share rooms with a private  bath.

3 to 6 people per room with a private bathroom.

4 people per room with a private bathroom (Not private on budget tours).


You can room with a friend you are traveling with. If you are traveling alone, we will room you with a solo traveler of the same gender.

Roomed with people of the same gender. If you want to room with a friend of the opposite gender, or upgrade, you will need to pay more for a twin room.

Roomed with people of the same gender.


Superior 3-star tourist class hotels or better

2 or 3-star hotels & budget Hostels

Hostels, camping, 2-3-star hotels, cabins & special stops with bunk beds.

Hotel locations

Our hotels are centrally located in each city we visit as well as located close to public transportation.

Often located well outside the city center. Most not centrally located.

Not always located in the city where you are supposed to be visiting. Budget tours stay in remote cabins and camping sites.

Included meals

Breakfast every day. We also include more dinners than competitors, up to 11, depending on tour.

Breakfast and ONLY 1 dinner

Breakfast and some dinners are included, depending on tour.

Included city tours

In each major city that AESU visits, you will receive a guided city tour from local professionals. The tour director also provides extra guidance & tours.

Basic sightseeing tour in major cities only.

Basic sightseeing tour in major cities only.

Included sightseeing

In addition to the city tours we include, you will also experience some cities by boat, by bike, on illumination drives, etc.

Extra sightseeing available at an extra cost.

Extra sightseeing is sometimes available at an extra cost.

Included admissions

AESU includes admission to some of our destinations most famous attractions! We also include special museum and attraction passes.

Includes entrances to some traditional tourist sites.

A few entrances are included.

Tour Directors

AESU’s Tour Directors are hand selected from Europe’s finest universities. They are close to your age, used to traveling around Europe, and know all the in spot.

Some Tour Directors are local Europeans, but many are American.

The majority of Tour Directors are not local Europeans. Most are Australian.

Optional Excursions

We offer a few optional excursions on all of our tours. This gives you the opportunity to experience different sides of the cities you visit. Who wouldn’t want to whitewater raft in Austria?

Offers optional excursions at extra cost-many of which are included in cost of AESU tour.

Offers optional excursions at extra cost-many of which are included in cost of AESU tour.

Airline Add-ons

AESU can book your airfare for you or you can book your own! We have contracted rates with several international carriers and can schedule your flight from anywhere in the US!


And if you book airfare with us, we offer FREE airport transfers to your hotel.


Want to keep on traveling after your tour? We can schedule your return ticket from most major cities in Europe.

Airfare included in package price so hard to compare other deals. Difficult if you want to get your own air using frequent flier miles or need to fly on different itinerary or return later.

Airfare not included, but can arrange.


AESU puts more emphasis on experiencing all of the beauty and history that our destinations offer. That doesn’t mean that we don’t go out and have a good time too and enjoy the city nightlife!

Tours balanced between culture and nightlife but the locations of the hotels make evening exploring a bit less convenient.

Heavy on the partying aspect of the tour and accommodations are not centrally located so a night out can turn expensive quickly.

We give you an experience that will last a lifetime!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at all of the posts on our Facebook page from past travelers. Some groups even have annual reunions!

 *What is included varies by tour.

**Compared to similar style tours offered by various competitors.


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Want help booking a fun and affordable vacation with AESU? Please contact us by calling 800-638-7640 or fill out the contact form found on our website. And don’t forget to check out all of our great Travel Tips, especially the Travel Tips for Europe, before you head overseas.

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