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The Ghosts of the Tower of London

The Ghosts of the Tower of London

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the haunting history of the Tower of London, you’ve come to the right place.

In its 900 years of existence, the Tower of London has earned itself a very popular reputation. This world-famous castle is right off the Tower Bridge, where we take our tour through on our 11-day cosmopolitan tour in England. There are centuries of bloody history in this medieval castle, which have led many to believe there are ghosts that haunt it. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the haunting history of the Tower of London, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more!

Thomas A. Becket

Thomas A. Becket is one of the first ghosts that was reported in the tower. When the Inner Curtain Wall was still being built, Thomas seemed unpleased about it and reduced the wall to a pile of rubble with a strike of his cross. The grandfather of Henry III is said to be the reason for Becket’s death, so he created a chapel in the tower for the Archbishop. People think that Becket was pleased with the chapel’s construction since no further interruptions were reported after the incident in the Inner Curtain Wall.

Arbella Stuart

Arbella Stuart is one of the London Tower’s most famous ghosts. She was once seen as a possible successor to Queen Elizabeth. Her ghost is said to stay in the Queen’s House on Tower Green. According to records, she married the nephew of Lady Janes Grey, William Seymour. Their marriage was thought of as a threat to the royal crown, and it did not have King James’ permission. Arbella was then put under house arrest in Lambeth while her own husband William was sent to the London Towner. Arbella plotted to get William released to travel together to France. However, William missed their rendezvous. Arbellla then set sail alone, but she was recognized and sent back, this time to the London Tower. She stayed there until she died in 1615, where it is believed she was murdered.

The White Lady Ghost

There is also the story of the White Lady of the massive White Tower. The White Tower is one of the oldest and foreboding buildings, and it is the scary haunt of the White Lady. She is said to have stood once at a window waving to children at the building on the opposite side.

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