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Frightening European Folklore Tales to Prepare You for Halloween

Frightening European Folklore Tales to Prepare You for Halloween

This blog has a handful of frightening European folklore tales to get you ready for Halloween.

Do you enjoy telling scary stories around Halloween? Hoping to truly best your friends with a story that is scarier than theirs? You are in luck because this blog has a handful of frightening European folklore tales to get you ready for Halloween. These stories come from all across Europe, including London, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, and more! We at AESU are providing trips to each of these cities in a handful of our inspired travel for 20 – 35 year olds, so check out the tours to see which ones are available. Read on to learn more!

Ghost of Covent Garden in London

William Terris was an actor known for famous roles like Robin Hood, as well as roles in classic dramas, comedies, and appearances in Shakespeare plays. He was killed in 1897 in the Adelphi theatre by a deranged actor named Richard Archer Prince, who was found guilty and then sent to Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum. His ghost is believed to haunt both the theater as well as the Covent Garden station and has been seen on a few occasions… reportedly.

Spain’s First Recorded Ghost in Barcelona

The first officially recorded ghost attack in Spain happened in Barcelona. A family started to hear and see strange things occurring in their home. These included loud banging sounds, flickering lights, and a rogue drawer flying out of a dresser. The police arrived, and the strange occurrences stopped. However, the next day, the noises got louder, and a second investigation occurred – with nothing to be found. The Children claimed to have seen a white shadow moving around the house, but it never happened again after that day.

The White Woman in Berlin

Anna Sydow was the lover of the King of Brandenburg, Joachim II, back in the 16th century. They lived happily together in the Grunewald, right outside of Berlin, until the king died. On his deathbed, the king then asked his son, Johann Georg, to help take care of Anna. While he promised he would, Johann tossed her into Berlin’s Spandau Citadel, where she stayed until she died. Anna is rumored to wander through the halls of the citadel, unable to leave and looking for a way out. Perhaps a map could help her, or better yet, a guided tour from AESU?

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