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4 Incredible European Cities to Visit in the Spring

Explore Rome during springtime!

Explore Rome during springtime!

The irresistible combination of pleasant weather, fewer tourists, and off-season prices make spring the best time to visit almost any European city! Set your sights on warmer days, and discover four of the most exciting destinations to explore this spring.


American author Henry Miller once wrote, “When spring comes to Paris, the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.” As the chill of winter fades away, the city’s residents take to the outdoors. The outdoor cafes bustle with patrons, the parks fill with blankets and picnic baskets, and the joie de vivre flows through the cobblestone streets. Spring in Paris is an especially important time for art-lovers. For one night (May 18th), museums and art galleries open their doors, and locals and visitors can experience some of the world’s most famous artworks for free!


The fifth largest of the Greek islands, Chios is filled with sunny beaches and charming architecture. It’s the perfect place for travelers seeking nature, peace, and serenity. That is, until the night before Easter, when the rouketopolemos begins! The rouketopolemos “rocket war” is the Greek custom of throwing fireworks during the celebration of the service at midnight before Easter Sunday. Neighboring churches fire thousands of fireworks at one another, creating a fantastic pyrotechnic display! That afternoon, hike one of the nearby hills to ensure that you have a great vantage point.


Rome is an incredible place, but the summer crowds can quickly turn a fun vacation into an exhausting experience. Beat the heat and escape to the Eternal City during the spring! Azaleas bloom on the Spanish Steps, red poppies sway in the breeze of the ancient ruins, and the entire city comes alive with the fresh scent of wisteria. Fans of locally-grown produce will savor the Roman bounty! Fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, strawberries, and artichokes are in peak season. Enjoy them all with freshly baked bread and a glass of red wine.


Once known as the party central of Spain, Ibiza has started to earn a new reputation as one of Europe’s top wellness destinations. The city boasts an amazing selection of hotels and spas offering yoga, guided meditation, and water therapy. Self-care is essential, but Ibiza is also full of adventure during springtime! Take a hiking tour of the island or experience the breathtaking countryside on horseback!

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