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How to Spend a Day in Brussels

Discover how to make the most of your one-day Brussels excursion with AESU!

Discover how to make the most of your one-day Brussels excursion with AESU!

Memorial Day signified the “unofficial” start of summer in the United States, which means it’s finally time to travel and explore! If you’re gearing up for an adventure with AESU, you may find yourself in Brussels, the most densely populated and the richest region in Belgium. There is plenty to eat, see, and do in Brussels, and luckily, you can experience it all in one day! Discover how to make the most of your one-day Brussels excursion with AESU!

Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the most beautiful squares in all of Europe. The Palace is made up of a Town Hall, a Gothic building, the Museum of the City of Brussels, and several opulent guildhouses. Take in the view from an open-air terrace, or enjoy lunch or coffee at a nearby restaurant. Every other year in August, the Grand Palace comes alive with a million colorful begonias, arranged in a full 79 by 253-foot carpet in the Palace square.

Take a Selfie with Mannekin Pis

The people of Brussels have a peculiar sense of humor, embodied in the famous, tiny statue near the Grand Palace known as Mannekin Pis. Mannekin Pis means “Little Pisser” in Dutch, and the naked boy is doing just that into a fountain’s basin. Take a selfie with Mannekin Pis, and enjoy the historical and cultural implications of the cheeky statue. The small statue has over 800 outfits, ranging from Elvis Presley to Dracula! You never know which version of the Mannekin Pis you might stumble upon.

Eat, Drink, Repeat

No trip to Brussels would be complete without chocolate, waffles, and french fries. As you walk through City Centre, you’ll pass an endless variety of chocolatiers and boutique shops. Take a chocolate walking tour, and indulge your cravings in the likes of Godiva, Neuhaus, and Leonidas. Enjoy the perfect portable snack, the crispy Belgian waffle dusted with sugar and topped with cream! Once you’ve had your fair share of sweets, head to a “friterie” for an order of salty, crunchy fries. Belgian fries are typically served in a traditional cone and topped with mayonnaise or samurai sauce! Wash it all down with a tall, frothy glass of Belgian beer.

Explore Brussels with AESU!

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