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Train Travel Through Europe

Read on for some of the best train trips that Europe has to offer.

The vast continent of Europe offers so much to experience that it’s standard for tourists to see several countries during one vacation. Traveling by train can be one of the best ways to explore Europe. You can arrive in the center of most major cities without the lengthy check-in or baggage limits of airplanes. With a varied rail network of trains that stick to the schedule, train travel will give you many options for destinations. Furthermore, traveling Europe by train is a comfortable and fun adventure where you can take in the beautiful views of each town and countryside that you pass. Read on for some of the best train trips that Europe has to offer.

Switzerland: The Chocolate Train

If you are a foodie looking for a tasty trip, then you should consider the route from Montreux to Broc, Switzerland. This trip is between nine and ten hours round trip and it runs through the summer and fall. You begin in Montreux with a view of the placid Lake Geneva. Through your journey, take a stop in Gruyères, a medieval town known for creating artisan Gruyères cheese. There you can enjoy lunch and tour the famous cheese factory. Once you reboard the train and arrive in Broc, you are only a bus ride away from the mountainside Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory, where you can enjoy samples of Switzerland’s finest chocolate.

Germany: The InterCity-Express (ICE)

If you’re looking for a quicker trip, get ready for the breakneck speeds of the InterCity-Express in Germany. The ICE train can take you from Munich to Nuremberg, Germany in about an hour, which is at the speed of nearly 200 miles per hour. You can visit several German cities through the ICE rail network, all while enjoying a quiet coffee on the train. Despite its speed, ICE has an incredibly smooth ride, with very little noise or vibration.

Portugal & Spain: Trenhotel

There is a train ride for every type of traveler in Europe. For those who prefer to enjoy the journey, then you can enjoy the luxury of the Trenhotel. This international night train offers a number of excellent sleeping accommodations for a relaxing trip across countries. Imagine being lulled to sleep by the sound of the rails and waking up the next day in beautiful Lisbon or Madrid. You can order additional services like access to a club lounge, en suite facilities, and more.

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