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Dijon Mustard: How to Enjoy France’s Favorite Condiment

Dijon Mustard: How to Enjoy France’s Favorite Condiment

Are you looking to truly enjoy the savory and rich flavor of France’s Dijon mustard?

Are you looking to truly enjoy the savory and rich flavor of Dijon mustard? This famous French condiment is a staple in plenty of recipes, but there are also other benefits and uses! In today’s blog, we’ll review the classic French mustard and some fun ways to incorporate it into your dishes – including some authentic French meals. We’ll also talk about the different benefits of adding Dijon mustard into your diet, which makes it an excellent addition to any dish. Read on to learn more!

A Short History of Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is a special kind of mustard that originated in the area of Dijon, France. It’s a variation of traditional French mustard with a much more potent and robust flavor than normal yellow or brown mustard. The ingredients that are used to make Dijon mustard are vinegar, white wine, and various types of ground spices like garlic, turmeric, and coriander. The origins of Dijon mustard can be traced all the way back to the 1400s. At this time, a monk named Jean Ribaut was tasked with making a unique recipe for King Charles VII of France. The result was a very unique blend of spices and white wine, which became known as “moutarde de Dijon” or, as we know it now, Dijon mustard. It exploded in popularity from there and was widely used in French cooking by the 1800s. Its popularity continues to grow, and it is now one of the most recognized mustards around the world.

Various Uses for Dijon Mustard

As well as its classic use as a condiment, Dijon mustard is a nice ingredient for adding flavor to various dishes. It can be used in various sauces and marinades or added vinaigrettes and dressings in the place of traditional mustards. It is a popular choice for making delicious salad dressings since the white wine and vinegar in it can be used to help emulsify fat-based ingredients like mayonnaise and oil. For a fast and flavorful meal, consider sautéing some vegetables with some Dijon mustard and make a flavor-packed vinaigrette by mixing equal parts Dijon mustard and olive oil. Some French dishes that use Dijon mustard include Salmon en croute and Chicken Stroganoff, but you can make a delicious honey Dijon garlic chicken with it as well!

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