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Where in the World is Leonardo Da Vinci’s Work?

You can view Leonardo da Vinci's most famous work at The Louvre in Paris.

You can view Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous work at The Louvre in Paris.

When Leonardo da Vinci passed in 1519, he left behind countless works including paintings, sculptures, music, scientific discoveries, and even jokes. His art and inventions have since circulated the globe. From Washington D.C. to Krakow, Poland — discover where you can find his art throughout the world!


The ‘Mona Lisa’ rests her mysterious head at home in one of the world’s largest museums, The Louvre. Visitors flock to The Louvre in packs to get a glimpse of Mona Lisa’s coy smile. Pro Tip: If you visit The Louvre early in the morning, you can view Leonardo’s most famous work before the daily crowd arrives.


Leonardo da Vinci completed The ‘Last Supper’ on a wall in the convent connected to Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. Due to the extensive deterioration that the work has experienced over the years, visitors are only allowed to view the work in small groups. If you’re planning on traveling to Milan, ensure that you book your trip the church ahead of time.


Princess Czartoryski’s son purchased Leonardo’s portrait, ‘Lady with an Ermine’ in 1778, and returned to Poland with it. After a series of renovations and scandal, the museum is currently open to tourists. Visitors can view the famous painting as well as collections from the Royal Family of Poland.

Washington D.C.

‘Ginevra de’ Benci’ can be found at the National Gallery of Art in all of her pale and flawless beauty. The museum is free, which means that visitors can spend as much time as they like enjoying the young girl’s modest and dignified portrayal. ‘Ginevra de’ Benci’ was completed when the artist was just 21 years old.

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