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Why You Should Attend the Iceland Airwaves Festival

Why You Should Attend the Iceland Airwaves Festival

The Iceland Airwaves Festival is one of the most sought-after festivals in the country and will give you a very authentic Icelandic experience.

There’s no way that you’re traveling to the “land of ice and fire” without planning to hit one of the famous festivals on your bucket list. One of the most famous in Iceland is the Iceland Airwaves Festival. Hands down, it is one of the most sought-after festivals in the country and will give you a very authentic Icelandic experience. The festival takes place in early November (when we have one of our tours this year) in the capital city of Reykjavik. It takes place at unique time while the country only gets a few hours of sunlight, which makes it a very memorable experience. To learn more about this incredible festival, read on!

Reykjavik is in the Festival Mood

You cannot escape the festive ambiance if you’re in Reykjavik during this time. For four days and nights in a row, you’ll feel like you are in a dream. You’ll be greeted by music wherever you go – inside tiny record stores, art museums, churches, concert halls, bars, nightclubs, and even bookshops. There is non-stop music and performances everywhere, and it sets the mood for the festival.

It Is a Huge Cultural Event

If you’re looking for something considered “cultural” to do while in Iceland, then this would be the best time to come visit! The festival launched in 1999 in an airplane hanger, and as time passed, this became Iceland’s most famous music brand. Now, the festival has put Iceland on a global cultural map. Every year, thousands of tourists visit to witness the cultural wonder. Back in 2020, they expanded the musical scope. They not only started to organize standalone concerts but also started a live-stream festival known as Live from Reykjavik. You will be lured to discover Icelandic music like you never had before.

Discover Local Icelandic Music

While the festival does encourage large international names, it is a treasure hunt for those who wish to experience local music. Usually, you’d go to record shops, cafes, and museums to learn and explore local music. But Iceland is one of the few countries you can discover local music in such local quarters.

Wide Range of Music at the Festival

With Iceland’s Airwave Festival, you can soak into any music. Whether you prefer Rock, Metal, or Hip-Hop, you name it, and you can find it at this festival! Take the chance to dabble into new kinds of music, you might even discover one genre and fall in love with it.

As mentioned earlier, we at AESU have an Iceland tour later this year in November, as well as a young alumni tour going to the festival – which is the “Iceland Airwaves: Fire & Ice” so call or visit our website to learn more!

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