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The Ultimate Travel Guide for Portugal’s Algarve Coast

The Ultimate Travel Guide for Portugal’s Algarve Coast

Whether you are a surfer, adventurer, or beach lover, the charming beachside towns of the Algarve Coast will steal your heart.

Portugal is a hidden gem of Europe, and the Algarve Coast is a hidden gem of Portugal. Seriously though, it is an absolute dream. Between the incredible coastline and majestic coves and grottos to the deep blue waters with stunning beaches, the Algarve Coast is really unlike anywhere else and a must-see if you are planning a visit to Portugal. Whether you are a surfer, adventurer, or beach lover, the charming beachside towns of the Algarve Coast will steal your heart. Read on to learn more about Portugal’s Algarve Coast!

Visit Cabo de Sao Vicente

Cabo de Sao Vicente, known as the End of the World, is the southwesternmost point of Europe. It is also where Europeans believe the earth ended back when people thought the world was flat. It is majestic, stunning, and one of those places you could sit and stare in total awe for hours. It is somewhat similar to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Remember to bring a jack, because it can get quite windy. There is a beautiful lighthouse you can go into too.

Ceramics Shops

Portugal is known for its colorful pottery and unique designs. There are plenty of cute ceramics shops around the Algarve Coast with walls full of plates, so they are hard to miss. Feel free to check them out and pick up a new mug or plate as a souvenir to bring home!

Soak Up the Sun on Praia Dona Ana

“Praia” means beach in Portuguese, so if you see anywhere that says Praia, it is worth taking a look. Praia Dona Ana is a stunning and picturesque beach spots in Lagos. It is surrounded by incredible rock formations, but it can get a bit crowded. Make sure to get there early to claim your spot on this lovely beach.

Spend Time at Paria de Batata

Potato Beach is an excellent spot to hang out and begin your day of exploring the beaches of Lago. It is a quick walk from the town center, and the water is crystal clear, so it is the ideal place to spend the day in the sun. When you want to jump over to the next beach and explore it a little more, you can climb through the rocks and head towards Praia dos Estudantes, one other secluded smaller beach.

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