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The Most Haunted Italian Destinations

Explore Italy with AESU!

Explore Italy with AESU!

Italy may be home to spectacular sights and sun-drenched beaches, but there is a darkness that lurks in the furthest corners of the country. Journey with us to Belpaese, and discover the most haunted places to visit in Italy!

Poveglia Island

In the late 1700s, Poveglia Island became a confinement station for individuals suffering from the bubonic plague. These individuals died there, were thrown into a mass burial pit, and set aflame. In the 20th century, Poveglia was transformed into a quarantine station and then converted into an asylum for the mentally ill. Intrigued tourists must first obtain permission from the Italian tourism board to visit the island, but the ghosts of the deceased will welcome visitors without a fuss.

Castello di Montebello

It’s believed that the ghost of a young girl named Azzurrina lives deep in the dungeons of the Castello di Montebello. In 1375, young Azzurina was playing under the watchful eyes of her bodyguards when she suddenly slipped away and was never heard from again. Legend has it that she fell into the icehouse, but her body was never found. Visitors have reported sounds that echo a child’s cry in the dark halls of the castle.  

The Botanical Gardens of Lucca

The Botanica Gardens of Lucca is considered a natural treasure, located in the heart of Lucca’s city center. Visitors can enjoy a collection of plant species from all around the world, including medicinal plants and spontaneous vegetables. The small pond within the garden is home to Lucinda Mansi, a noblewoman who made a deal with the devil in order to maintain her beauty. When the deal ran out, Lucinda was fetched by the devil himself, dragged her through the entire city on a burning chariot, and pulled her into an infinite abyss. Locals say that if you stare into the pond, the reflection of the late Lucinda will stare right back at you.  

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