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Where to Find the Best Cafés in Italy

Enjoy coffee in Italy with AESU!

Enjoy coffee in Italy with AESU!

Good coffee is abundantly available throughout Italy, but the best cafés have earned their reputation through years of unique and exemplary service. In these coffee shops, patrons don’t order their coffee to go. Instead, they sip their frothy espresso beverages slowly, in between bites of flaky, freshly-baked pastries. Are you planning your next visit to Italy? Discover where you can find the best coffee shops in the country!


No trip to Venice is complete without a visit to Caffé Florian, the oldest Italian coffee house in continuous operation. The Caffé Florian opened its doors in 1720 and was frequently visited by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Giacomo Casanova, and later by Lord Byron and Charles Dickens. If you have time, plan to spend an entire morning or afternoon at the Caffé Florian. Enjoy their signature hot chocolate, and take in one of the most spectacular views of the city from their patio seating.


Italy’s biggest city is no stranger to the trendy coffee house scene, and Tram Depot has quickly become a favorite with the locals. The Tram Depot is less than five years old, but it’s made its mark with delicious coffee beverages, signature cocktails, and homemade grattachecca. Order at the window, and enjoy your beverage and fresh pastry in the quaint, outdoor refuge among the lush garden and string lights.

If you’re looking for a more traditional coffee experience in Rome, visit the Caffé Ciampini. The same family has run the Italian coffee shop for four generations, and it’s known as well for its atmosphere as it is for its espresso. Order a slice of their homemade cake, and enjoy a view of the bustling piazza.


For the last leg of our coffee adventure, journey further to the south of Italy’s heel to Puglia. With its tremendous coastline and whitewashed hill towns, Puglia feels like no other city in the world. This charming region is home to Pierre Caffé, which offers a vast selection of coffee roasted on site. Aside from the delicious, specialty coffee, the attentive staff makes a trip to Pierre Caffé well worth it!

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