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5 Items That Seasoned Travelers Always Pack

Travel the world with AESU!

Travel the world with AESU!

It’s important to pack the essentials for a long journey, but have you considered the other items that may help you along the way? Travelers can easily over pack, but they can never over-prepare. Read on to discover the 5 (surprising) things that savvy explorers never leave home without.

Travel Plug Adapter

If you’re traveling internationally, you should include a universal adapter in the “essentials” section of your packing list. This item is less surprising than it is necessary since it will help to charge your phone and other electronics. Universal adapters won’t take up much space in your suitcase, and many travelers opt to store it their carry-on.

Reusable Plastic Bags

When it comes to traveling, a Ziploc bag is your best friend. Even new, unopened liquids can break and wreak havoc on a clean suitcase. Simply wrap your liquids in a plastic bag to prevent mishaps, and continue to do so for the entirety of your trip! Opt for a reusable plastic container for an eco-friendly travel companion.

Hand Sanitizer

As soon as you step on an airplane, your immune system is challenged by airborne bacteria. Do yourself a favor and clip a small container of hand sanitizer to your carry-on. Not only will an inexpensive bottle of hand sanitizer save you from airplane germs, but it will also help you to maintain good hygiene throughout your journey.

Copies of Your Passport

If you lose your passport, you could potentially lose an entire day of travel. The process of obtaining the legal papers you need to enter or leave a new country without a valid passport is exhausting, and you could have to change costly airline tickets as a result. Make a few copies of your passport and other important documents and store them in a secure place where you know they’re safe. In the unlikely event that you lose your passport, this will make it much easier to obtain a replacement.

An Empty Bottle

TSA will confiscate an unopened bottle of water, but you’re welcome to bring an empty container on board. Once you’re on the plane, ask a flight attendant to fill it with water, so you aren’t restricted to a small cup of H2O. Staying hydrated will help you overcome jetlag, and it will also help to keep you healthy throughout the duration of your adventure.

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