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The Most Exciting Travel Destinations During the Fall Season

the city of Bruges is one of Europe’s most picturesque destinations.

The city of Bruges is one of Europe’s most picturesque destinations.

The first day of fall is swiftly approaching! For many, the changing seasons means pumpkin spice lattes, flannel sweaters, and cozy nights indoors. But for the wanderlust explorer, the fall ignites a new spark for adventure. Are you gearing up for a season of travel? Discover the best places to visit this fall!

Bruges, Belgium

With its medieval buildings and romantic canals, the city of Bruges is one of Europe’s most picturesque destinations. It’s a treat to visit at any time of the year, but the changing leaves offer a truly breathtaking autumn display. Walk through the cobblestones streets and enjoy a hot cup of Belgian chocolate, or take in the spectacular views on a boat ride through the city.

Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest kicks off the first day of fall in classic German fashion. The two-week festival began as a wedding celebration in Munich more than 200 years ago, and it’s now celebrated all over the world. Visitors can expect to enjoy endless pints beer, Bavarian music, and traditional clothing like lederhosen!

Budapest, Hungary

Once the summer heat starts to fade, savvy travelers flock to Budapest to witness its autumn charm. It’s typically less crowded during this time, and there are plenty of fall festivals and activities to keep you entertained. Wander around the city on foot, stop for coffee at a cozy cafe, and take a scenic drive to one of the area’s many vineyards to try the local wine.

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland

If you’re looking to get away and immerse yourself into a fall wonderland, consider traveling to the Scottish Highlands. The Bridge of Orchy is a small village nestled in an unbelievably vibrant landscape, equipt with crimson valleys and golden mountains. Explore the local castles, and warm up with Scotland’s finest whiskey at a nearby distillery. Strap on your boots, and take a stroll through the West Highland Way, a popular destination for hikers of varying capability!

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