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How Breakfast is Served Across the Globe

Enjoy breakfast around the world with AESU!

Enjoy breakfast around the world with AESU!

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you’re exploring a new country or learning a new language, a nutritious breakfast can help to jumpstart the endeavor. In American culture, a common breakfast consists of savory and sweet foods alike — but how is breakfast enjoyed across the globe?


A traditional Japanese breakfast involves fish, tofu, and a steaming bowl of rice. The dish is served in a large soup bowl, or in separate bowls depending on the season and amount of time allowed for the meal. Breakfast varies from household to household, but you’ll most commonly find a rice dish, hot soup, a protein, and a side dish such as vegetables. Wash it all down with a fresh cup of hot green tea.


When it comes to breakfast, the French are true minimalists. A traditional Parisian breakfast consists of toasted baguette spread with jam, honey, or Nutella. It isn’t uncommon for a Frenchmen to skip breakfast, but you probably won’t find them missing out on their morning coffee.


A Full English Breakfast is like an elevated form of its American counterpart. The meal is heavy, consisting of fried eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, toast, and a grilled tomato. Optional add-ons include black and white pudding, fried kidneys, and kippers. The dish is best served with a bottomless cup of coffee!


In Turkey, kahvalti (breakfast) is not a meal to be missed. While Americans might set aside their weekends for a long brunch, the Turkish people enjoy an extensive kahvalti every morning. A traditional Turkish breakfast table consists of doughy bread, black olives, eggs with sausage, various jams and spreads, and lots of cheese. It’s best enjoyed amongst friends and family, with endless pots of tea.

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