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Destination Spotlight for 2024 – Azores

Destination Spotlight for 2024 – Azores

If you’re wondering what it’s like in Portugal, specifically the Azores, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re wondering what it’s like in Portugal, specifically the Azores, you’ve come to the right place. The Azores has everything you could ever need from a destination, from cheap prices to incredible scenery, delicious food options to deserted beaches, and dozens of hikes to more viewpoints. The Azores are located in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, almost halfway between the western coast of Europe and the eastern coast of the United States. There are nine islands total, all of them inhabited with plenty to do and see. AESU has a trip to the Azores in 2024, which is known as our “Azores Paradise Found” trip. Read on to learn all about the Azores!

The Azores is Easy to Get Around

The island of Sao Miguel is designed for road tripping. Thanks to a combination of paved roads, sweeping curves, and almost no traffic, you are basically guaranteed an incredible day on the road. Crisscrossing the island on a scooter is a favorite amongst people here. Whether you prefer your adventures to take place with scooters or cars, Sao Miguel is compact enough for you to get from the central city, Ponta Delgada to the east or west coast in one day without spending the whole time on the tarmac. It is the perfect place for sightseeing!

The Food in the Azores is Delicious

One other huge plus about the Azores is the food there. Food is typically imported from the closest major landmass, which leads to excessive prices in restaurants, supermarkets, and cafes. However, this means the food you do eat is typically fantastic. The Azores has a great climate and fertile land, which means the islands are all self-sufficient and do not need to import from mainland Portugal to get by. One of the most famous dishes in the Azores is cozido das furnas, a stew that is cooked inside a volcano. Some other food highlights include Azorean cheese, wine, and pineapples!

The Villages in the Azores Are Beautiful

Another highlight of the Azores is the beautiful villages. Most of the villages around Sao Miguel are composed of whitewashed buildings, with beautiful views to take pictures that look like they could be right out of a postcard. It is easy to check out these villages, so if you’re interested in exploring the Azores, call AESU today!

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