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Discover 4 of Portugal’s Incredible Wine Regions

Discover 4 of Portugal’s Incredible Wine Regions

Vinho and a view. Portugal has many beautiful wine regions waiting for you!

Portugal is known worldwide for its flavorful port wine, but there are a variety of sophisticated and delicious wines created throughout the country. Just as the hillsides along the River Douro invite optimal growing conditions for port wine, Portugal boasts a diverse range of altitudes and climates ideal for wine production. Learn more about Portugal’s growing wine regions with AESU

Vinho Verde 

The largest wine region in Portugal, Vinho Verde produces approximately 22 million gallons of wine a year. The name translates to “green wine,” referring to the fact that the wine is released three to six months after the grapes are harvested. Most Vinho Verde wines are light and fresh, with fruity and floral aromas, but the taste and style depend on the grape variety. The Vinho Verde DOC is divided into nine subregions including Amarante, Ave, Baião, Basto, Cávado, Lima, Monção e Melgaço, Paiva, and Sousa. 


The wine region of Lisboa is located west and north of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Fresh sea breezes, coastal hills, and bright sunshine create an excellent climate for cultivating grapes! The wines produced in Lisboa are commonly bright and fruity, but every grape responds differently to the climate. Portuguese winemakers are masters of blending grapes, but the craft is particularly impressive in Lisboa! 


Távora-Varosa is in the northwestern section of the Beiras region of Portugal. It is a beautiful place to visit and experience the rustic lifestyle! The white wines produced in Távora-Varosa are traditionally used by Portuguese sparkling wine producers. The region is small, remote, and mountainous with dry summers and wet winters. The unique climate of Távora-Varosa helps the grapes retain acidity and bright fruit flavor. 


Bairrada is close to the Atlantic Ocean, and the currents have a moderating effect on the local climate. Known for its deep colored tannic red wines, the wine produced out of Bairrada is known as one of Portugal’s most exciting varietals! Bairrada white grapes include Arinto, Bical, Cercial, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. The main red grapes include Baga, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

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