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The Benefits of Traveling Internationally During the Fall Season

The Benefits of Traveling Internationally During the Fall Season

Summer travels are behind us, but now we’re looking forward to fall adventures!

Every season is a wonderful time to travel, but often we wait until summer to set off on a fantastic voyage. While the summertime is undoubtedly a popular travel season, the most experienced adventurers understand the benefits of a fall journey. Purchase a ticket, pack a suitcase, and discover the many benefits of fall travel

Avoid the Crowds 

The vacation season comes to a close at the end of every summer. With kids back in school and professionals back at work, travelers have more room to explore during the fall! During the fall, tourists can enjoy popular attractions without the hassle of long lines or dense crowds. Enjoy Mona Lisa’s smile to your heart’s content! Tour the Buckingham Palace without bumping into fellow travelers! 

Enjoy the Foliage 

The changing leaves are a beautiful sight, especially if you’re exploring a new country! Whether you’re strolling through a charming village or touring a vibrant city, you’re bound to experience the beauty of fall foliage. Some of the most picturesque destinations to enjoy fall foliage include Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Lady Mary’s Walk in Scotland, and Bois de Vincennes in France! 

Experience a Famous Festival 

During the fall season, the world celebrates a series of incredible festivals! On October 31st, Mexico comes alive in an explosion of color to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos! Germany just concluded its 186th Oktoberfest on October 6th! Other notable fall festivals include Guy Fawkes Night in the United Kingdom, Koi Krathong in Thailand, and J-Dag in Denmark! 

Savor Seasonal Dishes 

If you enjoy fall cuisine in the United States, you’re going to love the seasonal flavors enjoyed around the world! While in France, dig into a bowl of boeuf bourguignon, daube de boeuf, or cassoulet! When in Italy, try the pumpkin risotto, vegetable minestrone, and biscotti totò! If you’re in Japan, savor a delicious serving of oden, seasonal sake, and shinmai! 

Save Your Money

Fall is technically an “off-season” for travel, which means that prices are typically lower! Therefore, adventurers can save money on airfare, hotels, and other necessary travel commodities! 

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