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New in 2022 – South Africa Explorer

South Africa Explorer Tour

Adventure awaits on our brand new 2022 South Africa Explorer tour. Reserve your spot today!

The call of the wild has drawn adventurers to the grasslands of South Africa for centuries. Many writers have written classic tales of safari through the years, and the animals encountered on the safari are mainstays of nature programming, children’s books, and zoo attractions. But why go to the zoo when you can get the full safari experience? Join the tradition of adventure with us on our South Africa Explorer tour, a brand-new tour offering from AESU in 2022. Here’s what you can expect on your adventure to the wilds.

Cape Town

The South Africa Explorer tour begins in Cape Town, rated by many travelers and industry leaders as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city’s culture and architecture is a melting pot of different influences, from traditional African culture to European and even Malay culture. The main icon of the city, and maybe in the whole of South Africa, is Table Mountain, a flat-top mountain that curls around the city and looks out over the ocean. We will explore the mountain, along with the Stellenbosch winery located in the famed wine country east of Cape Town, and enjoy a 14-dish “taste safari” dinner accompanied by traditional Mali music and puppetry!

Greater Kruger National Park

Next, we will make our way to Greater Kruger National Park, a collection of over twenty private nature reserves operated to the west of state-operated Kruger National Park. The reserve operators here are some of the world’s leading pioneers in ecotourism. For three days, you will be treated to some of the most beautiful views of nature in the world and follow in the footsteps of the safari adventurers of the past. See how quickly you’ll be able to see the “Big Five” and other animals in their natural environments! Birdwatchers will also not be disappointed, as the GKNP features hundreds of species of native birds to be seen among the diverse flora. You can even spend an evening observing the starry sky – all rangers on the tour are educated in astronomy and offer star gazing sessions!


Finally, we depart the safari plains for the big city of Johannesburg, the economic center of the entire African continent. After an evening of leisure, the next day we depart for a day trip to Soweto, home of over 1 million people and the center of some of the most seismic events in modern South African history. It is said that Soweto is the only place in the world where two Nobel Peace Prize recipients once lived on the same street – Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela! We will explore the Mandela House, the Apartheid Museum, and the Hector Pieterson Memorial – guided by a local to the city. Before heading home, we will have a farewell dinner enjoying many local delicacies and sharing memories in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Johannesburg.

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