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Today is the 112th Birthday of Salvador Dalí!

Time sure does fly! Or, perhaps the better term is “melts”. The Persistence of Memory is one of Salvador Dalí’s most recognized paintings, featuring melting clocks on a landscape. He did not know it in 1931 when he completed this masterpiece, but he would go on to be a legacy in the artistic world of surrealism.

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A real-life art display representing “The Persistence of Memory”, a Salvador Dalí painting.

Today, we celebrate his birthday with a tribute to his life and works. May he live eternally through his incredible works and contributions!

The early life of Dalí

Dalí was born on May 11th, 1904 in in Figueres, Spain—the same town where the Dalí Theatre-Museum stands today. He was named after his older brother born nine months before him who died, and his parents told him at a young age they believed he was his late brother’s reincarnation.

That is a lot of any young child to handle, but Dalí did not let it set him back. Even at a young age he showed strong artistic talent, and his parents decided to send him to drawing school. While he didn’t take it seriously then at the age of 12, he was already blooming into a talented modern artist.

Finding a place in surrealism

1929 marks Dalí’s first strides in surrealism. Surrealist art dips into the subconscious to create expressive creations that are sometimes bizarre. He worked with several films and exhibits to display his newfound love for surrealist art, and from there his career took off. Even though he was “expelled” from the official Surrealist group of artists, including figures such as Picasso, he still travelled and showcased his work at Surrealist exhibitions well into the 1940’s.

His life is marked by his expressive contributions to the art scene, including his many eccentric public appearances. Even now after his death we celebrate his success in both the U.S. and Spain, and admire the liberties he took in expressing him in unique, profound ways. Happy birthday, Salvador Dalí!

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