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Common Phrases in Various Languages Useful for Travel

Want to receive a warm welcome no matter where you travel? Knowing a little of the language instantly puts the locals on your side and it certainly makes communicating easier! Your tour director can take care of most of your translation needs but it’s nice to know a few things for when you’re exploring on your own. AESU has compiled some common phrases and how to say them in some various languages. Give them a browse and maybe google some other vocabulary. You never know what you might need to say!common-phrases-aesu-travel

Hello/Please/ Thank you

Being polite gets you a long way when you’re speaking a language that isn’t yours. The French in particular usually start conversations with “bonjour.” However, a cheerful “hello” or “thank you” is a nice thing to say in any language.

French Bonjour/ S’il vous plait/Je vous remercie
German Hallo/Bitte/Danke
Italian Ciao/Per favore/Grazie
Greek Geia/Parakaló/Efcharistó



These most basic of words can be incredibly useful and they’re probably the easiest to remember!

French Oui/Non
German Ja/Nein
Italian Sì/No
Greek Nai/Óchi


How much does it cost?

This phrase is a necessity if you are planning on doing any shopping. It might not be enough to allow you to negotiate on the price, but it can get you started!

French Combien ça coûte?
German Wie viel kostet es?
Italian Quanto costa?
Greek Póso kostízei?


Where is… (the train station)?

Even those of us with phenomenal senses of directions get turned around from time to time. This phrase along with some basic locational vocabulary is almost compulsory when traveling.

French Où se trouve…  (le gare)?
German Wo ist… (der Bahnhof)?
Italian Dov’ è…  (la stazione ferroviaria)?
Greek Pou eínai… (o stathmós ton trénon)?


Do you speak English?/I need help.

Here are two other phrases that you need to know when you’re traveling. Asking if someone speaks English can open a lot of doors when you are trying to get something across, as many Europeans speak at least a little English. And even though we hope you won’t have to use it, being able to ask for help might be the most important translation on this list!

French Parlez-vous anglais?/J’ai besoin d’aide.
German Sprichst du Englisch?/Ich brauche Hilfe.
Italian Parli inglese?/Ho bisogno di aiuto.
Greek Milás angliká?/ Chreiázomai voítheia.


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