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Discover Why Croatia is Becoming a Top Travel Destination

Explore Croatia and several Game of Thrones filming locations on the Captivating Croatia tour!

Explore Croatia and several Game of Thrones filming locations on the Captivating Croatia tour!

Since the end of the Croatian War of Independence in the late 90s, Europeans have traveled to the sun-drenched country to explore its natural parks and stunning beaches. Tourism in Croatia continues to increase due to the popularity of Game of Thrones, but there are plenty of other must-see attractions throughout the Balkan country. Discover five reasons to book your next trip to Croatia!

Explore King’s Landing

The spectacular city of Dubrovnik, Croatia serves as the filming location for King’s Landing, the capital, and largest city of the Seven Kingdoms. GOT enthusiasts can walk the Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor, search for dragons in the House of Undying, and explore the scene of the Purple Wedding.

Visit Roman Ruins and Ancient Amphitheaters

In 305 AD, Roman Emperor Diocletian built a massive palace in preparation for his retirement. The location serves as another Game of Thrones filming site, but it’s also one of the most popular tourist attractions. Amongst the columns and temples lie dozens of bars, restaurants, and local shops. Visitors can stay at Apartments Salvezani, and partake in the vibrant nightlife.

Enjoy Exceptional Weather

Croatia has a reputation as one of the sunniest countries in the Balkan Peninsula. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy 12-13 hours of sunshine a day.

Relax on Picturesque Beaches

Croatia boasts a beautiful landscape filled with sea caves, coves, and warm beaches. While Zlatni Rat might be the most popular spot for tourists, locals spend their days in hidden spots such as Nugal, on the Makarska Riviera. Keep in mind that many of these secluded portions of the coast are traditional nude beaches.

Discover Several Amazing National Parks

There are eight national parks in Croatia, all more beautiful than the next. Waterfalls, lakes, and mountains make up the Balkan state. Plitvice Lakes National Park and Mljet National Park are a couple of popular destinations for wanderlust travelers.

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