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Helpful Photography Apps for Your Next Trip!

Photography is the classic method for recording your vacation. AESU knows how satisfying snagging the perfect shot is and how an abundance of likes is a necessity on Instagram. So we have compiled a short list of our favorite photography apps to help you enhance how you visually communicate your travels to the


Travel hotspots can get crowded and waiting for people to clear your frame before you take a picture can be annoying and time consuming. Touchretouch lets you remove those random, selfie-taking strangers from the background your photos, making your photography all about the subject material.

1 Second Everyday

This app takes a one second video clip every day and combines them all into a video. It’s a great way to look back on your trip and stir up memories you thought you had forgotten.


This app is perfect for travelers who want to be impulsive but also want to keep that Kardashian-level makeup looking flawless. Go ahead! Be spontaneous! Forget about the horrors of running mascara and jump into the Mediterranean! This app allows you to Photoshop makeup on or off of your existing photos before you post them online.


Photos and videos take up tons of space on your device. Flic takes the boring activity of scrolling through your photo albums and shakes it up by turning it in to a tinder-like experience. This app gives you a quick and easy way to decide which pictures you want to keep or discard, just swipe!

Slow Shutter Cam

Love those artsy pics of the Eiffel Tower bathed in sparkling light? This app will slow down your camera’s shutter, allowing more light in and creating fantastic effects. Helpful hint- use a tripod. Because the longer your shutter is open, the more sensitive it will be to movement and your photos could get blurry.

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