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Traveling Safely This Holiday Season

Travelling Safely During the Holidays

Despite the pandemic, traveling by airline continues to be one of the safest ways to travel. Learn more about how to travel safely this holiday season below.

Many of us are planning to travel this upcoming holiday season, but it can certainly feel a little strange, especially with how the year has gone so far. The pandemic has caused all of us to rethink our normal routines and make changes in order to protect ourselves and the people around us. There is good news, however – flying continues to be one of the safest ways to travel. Experts estimate that the chances of you contracting COVID-19 on an airplane are lower than the chances of getting struck by lightning. This is due to the safety protocols, such as mask requirements and socially distanced seating, as well as technology such as HEPA filters that are being employed on aircraft. There are also things you as a traveler can do to help protect yourself and your fellow passengers while traveling this holiday season.

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Space

Hand sanitizer is an absolute must-have in your personal baggage nowadays. While airports themselves have sanitizing stations nearly everywhere in the terminals and boarding gates, once you’re on the plane you’ll need your own supply. Remember to pack a small bottle in accordance with TSA guidelines as this will need to go in either your carry-on bag or your personal bag. In addition, consider bringing along your own cleansing wipes to wipe down the area around your seat – the tray table, armrests, etc. Your airline might provide one upon boarding, but it’s better to be proactive and pack your own.

Personal Protective Equipment (Masks and Gloves)

Face masks have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives and it should be no surprise that airlines are enforcing compliance with mask policies to protect all passengers. How do you know if your mask is up to the task? One of the simplest ways to do this is to put it on and see if you can blow out a candle. If you can, it might be a sign that you should find a better one. Always wear your mask properly, covering your mouth as well as your nose, for maximum protection. In addition, consider bringing some gloves along for your trip. This can help you minimize contact with surfaces and provide another layer of protection.

Traveling with a Carry-On Alone

Checked bags do need to pass through a number of different people to get from your home airport to your final destination and back again. One way you can minimize potential contact is by traveling with just a carry-on bag. For some trips, this may not be realistic, but you’d be surprised how many people take short trips lugging a full suitcase with them. You’ll have complete control over the handling of a carry-on bag, and you might just discover new, creative ways to pack light this holiday season!

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